Check Engine Light Diagnostics in Spring, Texas

The Check Engine Light: What Does It Do?

A Short History Lesson

Did you ever wonder exactly why your vehicle has a check engine light? Perhaps you have, especially if it has illuminated due to something that doesn’t appear to you to be related to the engine itself at all. Long ago, no automobiles had computerized equipment or electronic diagnostic capabilities. Eventually, some manufacturers began implementing such systems, but they were primarily proprietary. That is, the codes and messages were specific to each brand of car (Onboard Diagnostic System or OBD). That all changed, however, in the mid-1990s. To control emissions harmful to the atmosphere, the EPA required that all new vehicles sold in the United States in 1996 and afterward be equipped with the OBD-II system that generates universal trouble codes that are common across all brands. If that sounds a bit overwhelming, you don’t have to worry. The Eagle Automotive & Transmission technicians in Spring, Texas, understand the complex system and can navigate it for you. You’ll find us just down the street from Klein High School at 6975 Louetta Rd Spring , TX 77379 Spring, TX 77379. Use our online scheduler or call us at 832-559-8912 to make your appointment for check engine light diagnostics.